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What we do...  

We Shoot creates still and moving content for digital and print media specialising in e-commerce, advertising, PR, and lifestyle. We know the importance of creative content to your business and we will deliver your creative vision in both still and moving image. We also offer specialised e-commerce teams producing high volume content either in our central Dublin studio or we can help you in developing your own long term or short term studios and in house teams. With customers ever more reliant on photos and videos to get a visual sense of product, photos, videos and 360° spins if produced correctly can drive sales by over 60%. We also offer clipping and web prep services for companies with high volume image needs.  


Lets Talk

Feel free to get in touch. We can consult on the best way to produce our project regardless of size. WeShoot offer highly competitive rates for both photography and video.   


Photography & E-commerce  

Quality photography speaks volumes about your brand, whether campaign imagery or e-commerce.  At WeShoot we know content is king. With over 10 years experience in advertising and 8 years in e-commerce, we produce hundreds of thousands of images a year for multiple clients. WeShoot will work with creatives, designers and web teams to produce high-end photography and e-commerce imagery. Our experienced photographers and retouchers deliver high quality imagery and our experienced web team reduce your work load ensuring you can concentrate on growing your e-commerce business.



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We work with web teams large and small every day and understand that needs can change. We can offer felxible solutions to your needs. 

Film & Video 

The rise of video marketing has been one of the most exciting trends in recent years. Very few businesses would have thought 10 years ago they would have entire teams working on social media. Next, brands and businesses across multiple industries, including B2B markets, will soon have dedicated video marketing teams. With the growing importance of video as a content medium and the incredible potential for interactive content and personalised video, video as a sales tool will become a key factor in driving interest and sales.


Lets Talk

We have a team of videographers and film makers who can help develop your project from start to finish, or deliver your campaign production needs. 

360° SPINS

We offer 360° full spin for all products. These spins can be linked with still shots to give a real hands on feel to show your product. Our 360 files are offered via serv and can linked directly through Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Wordpress. They can also easily be delivered in giff format and hosted through SIRV to save valuable web capacity.